Support Policy

We want to provide first-class support. This policy sets out how we will do that.

Unless otherwise stated, our services are unmanaged. This means that we are responsible for ensuring your host node is online and able to run your VPS, however it is your responsibility to ensure your VPS is capable of running. You must also ensure the VPS is maintained (i.e. all necessary OS updates and security patches are applied) and secured.

In most cases, we will provide unofficial assistance in areas beyond our responsibilities (for example, how do I configure Apache?), however this is provided on a discretionary basis and is only available during our office hours. Requests for unofficial support outside of working hours would incur an hourly fee.

Example 1 - You make a mistake configuring your network interface that causes the VPS to go offline.

You would need to access the server via the console and make the required corrections.

Example 2 - The host node or network suffers from a fault.

We would initiate a repair immediately, 24/7/365.

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